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Do You Have Dry Eyes?

Chronic dry eyes are characterized by a deficiency in one’s tear ducts that causes low (or low-quality) tear production. This means that the cornea – the outermost surface of the eye – becomes irritated and dry.

dry eyes

Dry Symptoms May Include

Symptoms include irritated eyes, an itching or burning sensation in the eyes, or the sensation of a foreign object in the eye. You may also experience blurred vision. In extreme cases, the cornea may experience damage, leading to permanent vision impairment.

Dry eyes can result from numerous conditions – age, side effects from medication, cold or dry weather, environmental pollutants, or even use of contact lenses can all result in dry eyes.

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Just as there are a number of causes, there are also a number of treatments. Eyedrops – artificial tears – are one solution, but options include everything from medication to surgery for the most severe cases. At Erie Eye Clinic, we can help you explore every option for treating chronic dry eyes, so please feel free to make an appointment it you have any concerns.

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