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Contact Us for Emergency Eye Care

Eye emergencies are no joke! When they happen please call us so we can assess the situation and schedule you an appointment.

Call Us at: 814-452-2796

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These Emergencies Include

  • Eye injuries – punctures or lacerations to the eye
  • Blunt force injuries to the eye
  • Chemical burns
  • Sudden loss of vision, either partial or total
  • Sudden onset of visual distortion, including double vision, floaters, or dark curtains
  • Severe pain or irritation in one’s eyes
  • Discoloration of the eye, eye infections, discharge from tear ducts
  • Contact lenses “lost” in the eye
  • Sudden flashes of light (i.e. not from a light source) indicating retinal injuries
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Trust Our Staff

Our staff will be on call to assist you immediately in the case of these and other emergencies. In addition, you may be referred from emergency departments at affiliated hospitals, including:

Schedule an Appointment With Erie Eye Clinic Today!

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